“Anyone who say…

“Anyone who says you need to restrict salt should be put in jail for reckless endangerment”. -Dr. Joel Wallach, D.V.M, N.D

Salt and PepperAccording to the award winning Dr. J. W.  everything you’ve heard about salt restricted diets is a compete lie. Salt is one of the most essential nutrients the human body needs. Salt is involved in thousands of metabolic processes. It is a scientific fact. Without enough salt you will become sick and then you will die.  One of the most important salt-related processes of the human body is the production of stomach acid.  Salt is sodium chloride – NaCl.  Stomach acid is – hydrochloric acid HCl .  Your body gets the chloride ion from salt. Your stomach acid should have a PH value of 1. That means it should be strong like battery acid. If you don’t have enough salt, your stomach acid will be weak. If your stomach acid is weak food ferments like a beer distillery instead of breaking down. Bacteria begin to grow inside your stomach. This is not good. If your stomach acid is weak, you cannot digest your food completely.  If you cannot digest your food completely, you develop nutrient deficiencies.  Nutrient deficiencies are the MAIN CAUSE of all chronic disease.  Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that you eat salt, don’t you think?

Stop the Exploitation: http://igg.me/at/savesomeoneyoulove/x/4272341


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