Why Did Jerry Lewis Leave the Telethon?

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The media we have today in the United States is run by the State. Just like in China, Russia and North Korea.

Anyone who sits there watching the Nightly News and thinks they are getting an unbiased opinion on the affairs of the world is simply naive.

Case in point: We have over the last twenty years discovered the cure for Muscular Dystrophy. Where is the fanfair? Where are the parades? Where is Oprah?  Where is Barack Obama? Where is Jerry Lewis?

Here is Time magazine.

The story behind Lewis’s departure remains untold. But a few things have become clear in the year since the awkward public breakup. Jerry Lewis was dumped by the MDA, the charity he had been identified with since the 1950s. He’s still bitter about it. And the telethon is withering without him.

The story behind Lewis’s departure remains untold? That is a complete lie. You can read entire misinformation here.

Jerry Lewis was approached by doctors who gave him clinically verified documentation that the cause, prevention and cure for Muscular Dystrophy is here.

Tune In.

Turn On.

Drop Out.

And Grow Rich with the nutrients you need to Power Up and Fight For Your Life!

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Liposomal Vitamin C Saves A Man’s Life

Doctors were about to turn off his life support but his family refused to give up. They demanded they try high doses of Vitamin C… it turned into a fight.

Doctors who use MD directed medicine to cure chronic disease are not stupid, they are out-of-date, old fashioned, and obsolete.

They are a snake oil salesmen clunking along in a horse and buggy.

They say the  human body, who grew from a one celled organism all the way to you being YOU, doesn’t have the intelligence to fix itself.

It is they with the magic petroleum based snake oil that has the answer.

But the worse part is we are someday going to have to answer our children when they ask, “Mom, Dad was it true that the doctors of your generation were really that useless?”

Until then fight for the right to optimal health with Liposomal Vitamin C!

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The Cure For Muscular Dystrophy Is Here

“And guess who’s in the lead kicking the soccer ball is the same 6 year old kid now three months earlier couldn’t stand up.”

TJerry Lewishis is a great presentation and interview done by Doc Glidden. For anyone who is suffering the horrors of muscular dystrophy; tune in at about 20:00 into the video and get ready to rejoice. Dr. Wallach in a few minutes tells his story on how he found a way to treat Muscular Dystrophy. According to Dr. Wallach it’s a simple Selenium deficiency. Bad genes have nothing to do with it.

At 29:20 Dr. Wallach tells the story on how he gave Jerry Lewis this info. Jerry Lewis got excited and wanted the MS Foundation he has been representing for decades to jump on board; so they fired him? You have to hear Wallach say this to believe it.

And, yes we can stop giving money to all these foundations that never cure anything and start giving money to the people that know how to get the job done!

Follow along with the words below.

22:00 – Glidden: Tells us how that parlayed into your experience with muscular dystrophy

English: Lamb with nutritional muscular dystro...

English: Lamb with nutritional muscular dystrophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wallach: Ok as a veterinarian of course muscular dystrophy AKA white muscle disease in calves in sheep in goats in all kinds of wild ruminants. It’s a disease that is easily reversed by supplementing with Selenium. And there is a cardiomyopathy heart disease that goes along with that, which is a Selenium defincy in pigs they call it Mulberry heart disease, because that’s what it looked like to farmers when they cut the dead pigs open and it looked like their hearts were Mulberrys.

And My mother actually funded the research which my wife Dr. Ma Lan who is Chinese. My mother funded the research for Ma Lan and I to go to China. In Keshan, China in 1990 to do autopsies on kids who died of what was called  Keshan‘s disease which is the cardiomyopothy heart disease which is known by the WorldHealth Organization as a Selenium deficiency. It was my reasoning if I was correct. If the cystic fibrosis in monkeys was caused by the deficiency of the mineral Selenium, and we new that the cardiomyopothy heart disease in humans was caused by a Selenium deficiency in kids under the age of ten there would have to be some of those kids would also have Cystic fibrosis.

Now it’s supposed to be a genetic disease of eastern Europeans, there is white eastern Europeans. It was not thought to be a genetic disease of orientals of any kind, or black people of any kind or Hispanics just white people from eastern Europe.

And so I went there and did autopsies on 1,700 kids under the age of ten. At various Universities Harbin University, Keshan University and so on. Did 1,700, did all the chemistries and found that 35 percent had cystic fibrosis and 100 percent had muscular dystrophy AKA white muscle disease. Wrote it up. International papers. The Trace Mineral Research Institute’s monthly journal. It was published in several Chinese journals in English as well as Mandarin and Cantonese along with the of co-authors a couple doctors Dr. Ma Lan knew , who is my wife knew, they were instrumental in getting this done.

Dr_ Joel D_ Wallach on The Alex Jones Show 1_3...

(Photo credit: The Alex Jones Show)

And I presented all these papers to the muscular dystrophy foundation, the cystic fibrosis foundation, universities all over the place that had medical schools that treated pediatric patients. And got zero response. And again to make a long story short I was kind of starving trying to treat kids with these diseases because everybody new that the doctors new best and everybody went that direction so I had to learn how to treat other diseases arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, dementia, eye diseases, blindness and so on; gluten intolerance.

And in one of the events I did in Lancaster Pennsylvania for the Amish communities. And this is about that same time in the 90’s even before the Dead Doctors Don’t lie audio cassette tape came out in 1993. In Lancaster county I was asked to go see a little Amish family that had a small boy six years old with muscular dystrophy. And he could only lay on the floor. He could move like a log. He could roll like a log using his head and neck to roll himself over when he’d get to a chair he could pull himself up with his arms and upper body but if he let go of the chair he would fall down.

Amish Buggy

Amish Buggy (Photo credit: cindy47452)

And we put him on the 90 essential nutrients, got him off of gluten, cause he had a little Rosacea on his cheeks and everything so we put him on a gluten free diet. Got him on the 90 essential nutrients with extra selenium and three months later. I hadn’t had any calls back from them. I’ve been so busy I didn’t think much about it, I’m back in that same Amish community in Lancaster county Pennsylvanian. And we’re in this Amish church, and it’s a hot august night and the front door was open and the back door was open and it was lit up with Coleman lanterns because they don’t have any electricity.

And no air conditioning it was very very hot, everybody is in their shirts and sleeves rolled up and no jackets and no ties obviously. And here comes half a dozen little boys running through the front door of the church; right down the middle of the church in between the pews and out the back door kicking a soccer ball. And guess who’s in the lead kicking the soccer ball is the same 6 year old kid now three months earlier couldn’t stand up…”

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When A Drug Goes To Sleep It Dreams It Was A Nutrient

Ben Fuchs

Ben Fuchs rocks!

Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden are very intense.



The titles alone are strong and in-your-face.

This approach appeals to me very much.

But what I like about Pharmacist Ben is he is a bit more laid back. This means he is going to touch people in a way Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden may not.

By contrast Ben’s radio show is called THE BRIGHT SIDE which you can listen to here. He has a great way of breaking things down to make complex ideas stupid simple. He says stuff like ,

When A Drug Goes To Sleep It Dreams It Was A Nutrient

I love it. And it’s true. A drug is a compound the body processes and so is a nutrient.

The power of that sentence is in it’s simplicity.

$205 Million drug money seized by the Mexican ...

$205 Million drug money seized by the Mexican Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration in Mexico city (2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It some how conveys that the choice is all yours.

You decide whether you put a drug or a nutrient into your mouth or not.

You make the choice on whether to poison yourself or not.

It is your choice to participate in the drug dealing, health profiteering medical model or to embrace medical nutrition.

Did you hear recently HSBC got caught laundering about a gazillion dollars in drug money but was found to big to jail?

That’s right. It’s all one big racket from top to bottom and you have the choice on whether you and your family are going to participate.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Because of the work of our true blue American heros, Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden and Pharmacist Ben Fuchs, the info is streaming across the Internet and into the consciousness of the public every hour of everyday.

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There Are No Diseases Caused By Cholesterol

English: Numerous cholesterol crystals, as vie...

Numerous cholesterol crystals, as viewed in a direct microscopic examination of fresh synovial (joint) fluid, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out the video by Doc Glidden below. I love it! It’s awesome. Short, sweet and power packed! You gotta give it to Dr. Glidden. At about 2:40 he comes straight at it with the magic worlds,

“There are no diseases caused by cholesterol.” and then at around 2:50 he says,

“High cholesterol in and of itself is harmless. It’ doesn’t do anything good bad or ugly.”

Dr. G in the HOUSE!

And then he goes for the knock out at 4:50 with;

“Thinking that cholesterol causes atherosclerosis is like thinking that firemen cause fires!”

7…8…9… KO!!

The argument that cholesterol is bad is down and out!

I love this vid because Dr. G is not dancing around the issue. He is not trying to be politically correct. He is not worrying that people are going to think of this heretical ‘cholesterol is cool’ talk. He telling it like it is.

It really makes me feel like I am part of a New Renaissance and MD directed medicine is this ancient monolith desperately trying to hold on to it’s authority. And then comes Dr. Glidden like a Galileo saying ‘Look you idiots! The Earth moves around the Sun.’

Once you embrace science based clinical nutrition it’s easy to become bedazzled at the breath and depth of the propaganda machine of our current medical model. It is really something to be hold.

Check out the following article.

Age-Related Forgetfulness Tied to Diminished Brain Protein

Here scientists go through a gauntlet of Medical gymnastics to identify a ‘gene’ associated with memory loss. It is so incredible how hard they work to find ways to tell us that we are broken from the very essence of our being.

The researchers took the postmortem brains of eight people ages 33 to 88 who were disease-free, and examined the function of 17 genes in a part of the hippocampus, an area that is involved in memory. That section, called the dentate gyrus, has been shown before to change with age. The strongest changes were found in a gene that expressed RbAp48, which declines in function as brains age. “

Really?… ‘examined a part of the hippocampus‘?  I wonder what kind of barbaric horrors these poor test subjects had to go through!

“Hello, Dr. Glidden here to give you a quick over view of cholesterol. And if I were you I would put a heavy weight on your head because your head is about to spin around and pop right off of your shoulders. Everything that you know about cholesterol is wrong. Not for any fault of your own  but because you have been a victim of misleading pharmaceutical propaganda. For the last 50 years. I’m taking of the gloves with this one folks.”

Go Dr. Glidden!

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Building 7, Bin Laden and Jerry Lewis: ‘ Whatever!’…Get Informed

celebrity bin laden morph

OK. I changed the title of the blog from ‘Stop The Exploitation’ to ‘Get Informed’. After many thoughtful words from friends and team members, I believe I am scaring away the very audience I am trying to attract.

You see inside me there is alot of anger that I am still working through. Case in point: that whole 9/11 – ‘Building 7’ thing kinda freaked me out for a long time.

“Bin Laden? Inside Job?…”, “Bin Laden?! Inside Job?!…”, “Bin Laden?!!!! Inside Job?!!!!…”

Now, I’ve kinda come to a place with that subject where I say, ‘Whatever…’ That’s right you heard me ‘WHATEVER!’ 😀

No, not in the sense that I don’t care. More in the sense of “If someone was attacking your family and friends would you be in a corner mumbling, ‘Bin Laden? Inside Job?…, ‘Bin Laden? Inside Job?'”

No! Of course not.

You would fight and then worry about stuff like that later.

My point is; there is alot of horrible crap going on in this world so we have to prioritize.

What do I mean? Ok…

English: Comedian Jerry Lewis - Photograph by ...

Ever wonder what happened to Jerry Lewis and Jerry’s Kids? No. Jerry didn’t pass away. But he all of a sudden vanished from the Musclar Dystrophy Telathon without even a farewell or goodbye speech. Why?

Well, there is this guy named Dr. Wallach who says he found the prevention, cause and cure for Muscular Dystrophy. It’s simple, he asserts. It’s a Selenium deficiency passed on by the mother.

Dr. Wallach then cures hundreds of these kids at very little cost. He documents his work and then sends the info to Jerry Lewis. Jerry Lewis sends this info to the directors of the Muscular Dystrophy foundation. And then, Jerry, the guy who has raised billions for the foundation wants to make an announcement.

So they fired him!

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video below. I’ve posted the words so you can follow along.

Conspiracy theory? Medical Tyranny? New World Order?

Whatever! Who cares!…

My point is, anger burns nutrients. If all this is true let’s just use the energy we have to find a way to get this info to the kids with Muscular Dystrophy. I would bet all families suffering like this would rather see a thousand Building 7’s rather than one more day of their loved one in a wheelchair.

Get Informed – Save Someone You Love

00:07 “Hello Todd, you’re on the air how can I help you.”
“Hello Dr. Wallach I am calling on behalf of those who have Duchenne muscular dystrophy that have to use a feeding tube…”
OK, Actually I deal with quite a few of these kind of kids and young adults and I’ve been doing this gosh, for 20 years and I’ll tell you a little bit of a story before I answer your question because I think it’s very important. Thank you for bringing the question up. We actually have had complete reversals in many of these kids with muscular dystrophy and I don’t care if they’ve been in a wheelchair for 20 years. We can actually reverse these kids. Because it’s a simple nutritional deficiency, not genetically transmitted in any way shape or form…Basically we eliminated this disease in animals some 50, 60 years ago. I’ve been doing this in human beings for over 20 years. Works like a charm.
Histopathology of gastrocnemius muscle from pa...

Histopathology of gastrocnemius muscle from patient who died of pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy, Duchenne type. Cross section of muscle shows extensive replacement of muscle fibers by adipose cells. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I gave all this data to Jerry Lewis and I said ‘Jerry we do not need any money from the muscular dystrophy foundation but these kids are ‘Jerry’s kids’. You’ve done such a great job in your telethons raising money that we want to offer to you the ability to make the announcement that the cure, prevention and the cause is known. Everything is now at hand. We know how to prevent, we know how to cure muscular dystrophy. We have so many that we’ve done. We’re very confident.’

And Jerry got excited, ok. And he took all the information to the medical committee and the medical foundation and he insisted (Jerry) said ‘look, you know I looked up Wallach on the Internet and he’s a little bit of a nut. Alot of people like him. Alot of people don’t like him but maybe there’s something here. He sent me a stack of data I don’t know what to make of it but you guys look at it and see if he’s got anything that will help these kids and if he can prove to you something is here. Then I’ll make an announcement that some great thing has been found. If not I won’t say anything but I insist that you look at this.’
(They said) ‘Jerry this guy is a nut we’re not going to waste our time looking at this.’
(Jerry said) ‘I want you to. I’m the guy that raised over a billion dollars in 22 years for this foundation and I insist.’
And they fired Jerry Lewis! The Muscular Dystrophy foundation fired Jerry Lewis because he transmitted the truth that it is a preventable and curable disease it’s not genetic..”
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Get Your Very Own ‘Love Tone’


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

What I noticed as I began to cut out the bad food and set out to reverse this horrible nutrient deficit I’ve been living with for so long is I am thinking clearer and it’s easier to meditate. Very cool…

For me nothing is more annoying than a meditation video with a digital surf breaking and samples of birds tweeting. A big production and deep meditation are without a doubt mutually exclusive.

That’s why I like the above video. No fancy stuff.

I’m completely fascinated by Universal Resonate frequencies partly because of their connection to theoretical physics and partly because of the resonant response I have to them.

I’m especially intrigued by this “LOVE frequency” tone at 528hz which supposedly is associated with the heart. Play the above video, put on the headphones and hum along. I swear as sure as I am writing this that when sung in tune the area in the body around my heart reverberates. A semi-tone higher or lower and the resonance disappears. So crazy!

Some even say that there is scientific evidence that this tone can ‘repair’ DNA. I’m not exactly sure how that would be possible but for more info http://attunedvibrations.com/ is a website I like. You can download the “LOVE frequency” of 528 plus a the full Universal Resonate Tone Scale for free here.

Below is a Coast to Coast interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz who discusses Universal tones in terms of mathematics as well as spirituality.


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