Millions of Thoughts of Empathy and the End for Doctors Who Deal Drugs

In the up coming book I wrote which is being proofread at the moment titled Jerry Lewis, Muscular Dystrophy and the Dawn of a New Age Of Science and Enlightenment I make the following assertion.

Some physicists believe that they have discovered a structure to the space time manifold. And according to them, this structure actually records information as we travel through space in a vortex of angular moment created by our orbit.

Not only that but we have access to this information like a gigantic celestial hard drive.

For years we collectively stamped millions of thoughts of empathy and caring as Jerry Lewis hosted the MDA Telethon, on a great cosmic score of sheet music which trails behind our planet as we travel forward.

These millions and millions of thoughts of compassion are imprinted on the fabric of space and time as we orbit through our galaxy and though the Universe, according to the current physics model.

Below is a Google Trends analysis which is proof this rhythm and it’s intensity existed.

Google Trends

Google Trends - Web Search interest- Jerry Lewis, muscular dystrophy, youngevity - Worldwide, 2004 - present 2013-12-08 18-15-47

The blue line is the keyword search term ‘Jerry Lewis’, the red line ‘Muscular Dystrophy’ and at the very bottom the yellow line is the name of a company called Youngevity which sells medical nutrition. You can see turbulence in the yellow Youngevity line at right around the red letter G which is a news article about the departure of Lewis from the MDA Telethon.

In the below video at around 49:00 Todd Harrison who was diagnosed with muscular Dystrophy says

“…(I’m) on a full Youngevity protocol involving Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Osteo Fx, Plus EFA Plus, Gluco Gel capsules, Ultimate Selenium, HGH Youth Complex and Z Radical which is right behind me. (Products can be found here

I had been documenting my progress extensively over the past three months showing unbelievable progress in such a short time. You can see all those improvement in my recently released documentary called Defying Muscular Dystrophy The Truth.
And I can just tell you all that it feels absolutely incredible to beat a disease when modern medicine is light years away from showing this kind of improvement anywhere.”

At around 29:00 Dr. Wallach tells a story ending with “And he (Jerry Lewis ) apparently told  them (muscular dystrophy foundation medical research committee) ‘Look I helped you raise a billion dollars for research for muscular dystrophy and we haven’t really gotten alot of progress if you ‘ll look at his stuff and tell me theirs noting to it I won’t bring it up again. But I don’t want you to dismiss it until you at least look at it.’ and he (Lewis) says ‘I insist.’

And so they fired Jerry Lewis. They fired Jerry Lewis because he wanted them to look at something that they (MDA) hadn’t done.

Below is the analytic’s section of my WordPress blog. This represents all the organic  search traffic that I have been getting from the keywords above in the  Google Trends chart.

WordPress Stats

My Stats - 2013-12-08 17-59-33

English: Comedian Jerry Lewis - Photograph by ...

Jerry Lewis – Photograph by Patty Mooney,

Youngevity is a major force in Medical Nutrition or as I like to say the Medical Liberation Movement.

They say when you support and promote the structure and function of the human body with 90 essential nutrients, miracles happen.

We’ve cured over 900 diseases in animals with medical nutrition. So why not use the same science based, clinically verified findings for humans?

Why? Because it’s all about the money.

I believe when the yellow, blue and red lines lines in the Google Trends chart touch, the celestial score of compassion and empathy stamped by millions and millions of us on the fabric of space of time will light up like a Christmas tree and explode forward.

This unity of mind and empathy over space and time will combine with our  knowledge of medical nutrition to blaze a trail like a giant celestial Santa Claus giving gifts of health and eradicating disease.

This will cause the downfall of the current tyrannical drug dealing monopoly which is the number one cause of death and bankruptcy in America.

The overthrow of all oppression and tyranny will follow as good people fill each cell to the brim with essential nutrients and boundless energy. Wickedness will be no match for the good as we will be stronger, think better and overwhelm the inferior energy of evil and malevolence

And a New Age of Health and Enlightenment will follow the likes of which Humanity has never known.

When that happens remember, you heard it hear first 😀

Thanks Jerry! We could have never done it with out you!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year.

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