Why Did Jerry Lewis Leave the Telethon?

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The media we have today in the United States is run by the State. Just like in China, Russia and North Korea.

Anyone who sits there watching the Nightly News and thinks they are getting an unbiased opinion on the affairs of the world is simply naive.

Case in point: We have over the last twenty years discovered the cure for Muscular Dystrophy. Where is the fanfair? Where are the parades? Where is Oprah?  Where is Barack Obama? Where is Jerry Lewis?

Here is Time magazine.

The story behind Lewis’s departure remains untold. But a few things have become clear in the year since the awkward public breakup. Jerry Lewis was dumped by the MDA, the charity he had been identified with since the 1950s. He’s still bitter about it. And the telethon is withering without him.

The story behind Lewis’s departure remains untold? That is a complete lie. You can read entire misinformation here.

Jerry Lewis was approached by doctors who gave him clinically verified documentation that the cause, prevention and cure for Muscular Dystrophy is here.

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