Socialism Is Catholicism – Same Cross Different Day

In the discussion of ‘Obamacare’ there has to be a shout out that this is not about health. This is about Religion. Libtards. Do you have a problem with that statement?

Health Is Wealth

Cover of "You Suck: A Love Story"One day I had an epiphany. Paris is renowned for it’s ancient Christian Cathedrals. But what people never tell you is you can’t walk 2 blocks without tripping over a pharmacy and it’s neon green cross. I learned recently that the French are number one in the world when it comes to pill popping. Pas possible! And then, the clouds parted, the angels sung and it became crystal clear to me how Socialized Medicine  was used to completely domesticate the French and much of Europe after WWII the way Charlemagne used Christianity to conquer what was left after the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Same cross. Different Day.

Imagine it’s 774 AD and there is the 6’3″ German born, blonde hair, blue-eyed Charlemagne with Pope Hadrian sporting one of those goofy ‘I’m important’ hats by his side.

Charlemagne: “This is never going to work.”

Pope: “I’m telling you it…

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