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Here’s a stupid question. What’s the purpose of eating? To bring nutrients into our bodies? Yes, but that is not the main purpose of eating food.

Q: What power source do we use for life? Is it:

  1. Chemical – (Gasoline, Jet fuel)
  2. Electrical – (Toaster, Computer)
  3. Subatomic – (Atomic bomb, Nuclear energy)
  4. None of the above
  5. All of the above

The answer is (2). We are as electrical as a light bulb.

We eat to bring electrons into the zillions of cells we have.

Imagine 90 nutrients and trace minerals are used to build a transport system. Think of Oxygen as the engine and simple amino acids and a few carbohydrates are the rail cars.

Inside the rail cars are the payload. Here electrons are then offloaded into the cell membrane as well as the nuclei of each cell.

A shortage of nutrients equals a shortage of electrons which means our connection, mentally and physically to the world around us is distorted and diminished while undernourished.


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We are firmly rooted in the electromagnetic soup that surrounds us. And what scientists are starting to measure and discover is the Sun, the Planets, the Solar System as well as our hearts and minds have resonant frequencies.

Some say logic dictates that goodness would have it’s own resonant structure as well as evil. This theory suggests that evil is not ‘bad’, it just has it’s own frequency ‘footprint.’

Like a snake is not inherently ‘bad’ unless it bites you and puts it’s evil snake juice in your wound! lol…

But seriously, there are those that say our 440 hz standard tuning is more tuned toward dissonance or ‘evil’ than harmony when it comes in contact with our slice of the electromagnetic pie. The vibrations based from a 432hz tuning are supposed to be more in line with what resonates with our hearts and minds.

Complete utter nonsense?

Take a listen for yourself.

Can you hear a difference?

Sade – Cherish the Day (Tuned to A-432 hz Universal Resonant Frequency)

Sade – Cherish the Day (Standard to A-440 hz Tuning)

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