The Death of “YouSuckism” And The Dawn Of A New Golden Age

PRUDEN: Up to our ears in Al Gore’s ‘climate change’ snake oil

Parthenon from west

Parthenon from west (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For thousands of years a major theme has been used to subject people and nations to domination by a few.

Somewhere along the way someone came up with the concept of ‘YouSuckism” which has been used as a psychological operation in it’s various forms since the Roman Empire.

The foundation of Western religion as well as Western Medicine is rooted in this ancient form of mind control.

But the King Daddy of all the moves made during what historians may one day call the ‘Great Stupid’ is this embarrassing, outlandish, whimsical, unified front behind the ‘Global Warming’ movement.

The above article signals the end, of not only this ridiculous movement, but the end of ‘YouSuckism” itself.

There are only two types of people in this world. There are ‘Makers’: creative people that build houses, babies,  families and communities and the ‘Takers’: those who take what the ‘Makers’ make and harvest it for power and control.

Al gore giving his global warming talk in Moun...

An Inconvenient Truth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good people had general concern for the environmental pollution developed during the Industrial Revolution. This public outcry was put through the ‘YouSuckism” prism and out shined the scientifically bankrupt idea of a Greenhouse gases.

Humans only occupy 1 percent of the Earth’s surface. Bacteria has a bigger carbon footprint than all the factories, cars and ships put together.

But beyond the shear egocentricity of the proposition what is so hilarious is the desperation world leaders and the UN demonstrate as a shift in consciousness unveil their impotence to solidify this message in the minds of those they are trying tax and control.

Like Humpty Dumpty the implementation of their beloved ‘psy-op’ whose foundation was thousands of years in the making has fallen apart.

And all the CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and New York Times reports can’t put it back together again. Instead of dialing it back and pretending it never happened or fabricating some miraculous solution where they themselves save the Earth, like a game of Texas Hold’em the are all in.

The question is why? Why stand there with your fingers squeezing your nose shut as the Tsunami of awareness and scientific facts flow over your head?

Simple: Takers can’t make. Takers can only take.

Mad Hatter's mind control ticket for free coff...Never in a million years did they think there would be this wholesale intellectual shift which would dampen the emotional heartstrings they so carefully crafted over so many years to sell the Global Warming Swindle. All the data and actuaries over the last century and a half have unequivocally pointed to the fact that EMOTION sells EVERYTHING.

All the pictures of baby seals, the polar bears and the poor Mother Earth being violated by Man! How could that not work? They don’t have the creative ability to develop, support and promote another campaign.

So they continue selling their snake oil. And this is such a gift. All the media outlets, politicians, and leader still on the bandwagon have now uncloaked as an International Snake Oil Factory and Sales Team.

This realization by the people that the decades long mantra of Global Warming was completely manufactured, will destroy the effectiveness of ‘YouSuckism’ eventually in all institutions.

Our consciousness will recoil from a world view into a personal sense of being. We will begin to love ourselves and our families again as the institutions posed to save us have shown their true tyrannical, manipulative ways.

It is interesting to note, the very people trying so hard to keep us focused in on darkness are ultimately the ones responsible for propelling us so quickly toward a Dawn Of A New Golden Age. The paradox is such sweet poetry .