A Clean Way To A Butter Tomorrow

Ok, when it came to cooking with butter I sucked worse than a doctor trying cure chronic disease with drugs! And that’s pretty bad… I just was not prepared.

I had been cooking with oil for ever. I loved the Food Network. I was doing what all the cooks on there were saying for so long. Wait until your Extra Virgin Olive Oil heats up just before the smoking point and then ‘bam’ you are ready to fry away. The sound of the sizzle. The smell of the food. I loved it.

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Rachael Ray even had a nickname for Olive Oil; ‘EVOO’. Elton Brown – Good Eats, Tyler Florence – Food 911 and Rachael were my favorites. I’m gonna miss them 😦

So when I decided to jump in with both feet and embrace the medical nutrition movement I was amazed at how much I was changing my diet. 6 to 12 eggs a day? Sure, I’m on it! Salt everything the way I like it? Thank you.  Cut out the oils? Whatever, it takes.

I was amazed how fast my health was changing. Allergies I had since childhood vanished in a week. Weight just started to fall off.

But I was equally surprised at how completely ignorant I was when cooking with butter. I NEVER cooked with butter before. I’ve melted it; schmooshed salt, herbs and garlic into it. But cooking? This was a new one.

It seems one phone call, one text, one errant thought and it was burnt butter time at the Not-So OK Coral. I had no idea how much of a pain it would  be to clean. And since I heard cooking with Teflon adds carcinogens to the food, it was stainless steel all the way.

Well, it seems no matter how much I soaked the pan the build up would just get worse. And that’s when I came across the following video. The presenter needs a lavalier microphone but does a good showcasing her moves nevertheless.

TIP: I found the key is to srub while the pan as hot as safely possible. I used heavy duty construction gloves for that part.

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