There Are No Diseases Caused By Cholesterol

English: Numerous cholesterol crystals, as vie...

Numerous cholesterol crystals, as viewed in a direct microscopic examination of fresh synovial (joint) fluid, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out the video by Doc Glidden below. I love it! It’s awesome. Short, sweet and power packed! You gotta give it to Dr. Glidden. At about 2:40 he comes straight at it with the magic worlds,

“There are no diseases caused by cholesterol.” and then at around 2:50 he says,

“High cholesterol in and of itself is harmless. It’ doesn’t do anything good bad or ugly.”

Dr. G in the HOUSE!

And then he goes for the knock out at 4:50 with;

“Thinking that cholesterol causes atherosclerosis is like thinking that firemen cause fires!”

7…8…9… KO!!

The argument that cholesterol is bad is down and out!

I love this vid because Dr. G is not dancing around the issue. He is not trying to be politically correct. He is not worrying that people are going to think of this heretical ‘cholesterol is cool’ talk. He telling it like it is.

It really makes me feel like I am part of a New Renaissance and MD directed medicine is this ancient monolith desperately trying to hold on to it’s authority. And then comes Dr. Glidden like a Galileo saying ‘Look you idiots! The Earth moves around the Sun.’

Once you embrace science based clinical nutrition it’s easy to become bedazzled at the breath and depth of the propaganda machine of our current medical model. It is really something to be hold.

Check out the following article.

Age-Related Forgetfulness Tied to Diminished Brain Protein

Here scientists go through a gauntlet of Medical gymnastics to identify a ‘gene’ associated with memory loss. It is so incredible how hard they work to find ways to tell us that we are broken from the very essence of our being.

The researchers took the postmortem brains of eight people ages 33 to 88 who were disease-free, and examined the function of 17 genes in a part of the hippocampus, an area that is involved in memory. That section, called the dentate gyrus, has been shown before to change with age. The strongest changes were found in a gene that expressed RbAp48, which declines in function as brains age. “

Really?… ‘examined a part of the hippocampus‘?  I wonder what kind of barbaric horrors these poor test subjects had to go through!

“Hello, Dr. Glidden here to give you a quick over view of cholesterol. And if I were you I would put a heavy weight on your head because your head is about to spin around and pop right off of your shoulders. Everything that you know about cholesterol is wrong. Not for any fault of your own  but because you have been a victim of misleading pharmaceutical propaganda. For the last 50 years. I’m taking of the gloves with this one folks.”

Go Dr. Glidden!

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