Socialized Medicine is the ‘New Testament 2.0’

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A wise person once told me you should never hate anyone because what you hate in others is really what you hate about yourself.

The French Revolution was not just a reaction to the Royal family, it was also an attack on the Catholic Church. It was only after Napoleon came to power that the relationship between France and the Catholic Church was restored.

In France, what we would call a ‘Liberal’ or Democrat in the States, is refereed to here as a Socialist.

The French Socialist loves to regard themselves as intellectually superior to Christians and people of faith in general. They see themselves as people of science.

They rationalize the concept of abortion and global warming on what they believe is the critical thinking of a glorious mind.

Fair enough. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

But the truth is, when it comes to French Socialized Medicine the French Socialist is more embarrassing and ridiculous than the organized religion they scorn and disavow. Their rituals and worship of the Green Pharmacy cross outstrip any organized religion in terms of stupidity and absurdness.

Christianity began in Jerusalem with the Crucifixion of Christ. After which different writings by various authors were put together to form the New Testament. Christianity spread as it was embraced by Kings and Rulers as the official religion.

English: Photograph of Abraham Flexner

English: Photograph of Abraham Flexner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MD directed medicine began in the US at turn of the 20th Century. A few Robber-barons wanted to expand their operations so around 1905 they hired Abraham Flexner to travel around the country and compile a list of all the institutions that taught and used pharmaceuticals (which are mostly petroleum derivatives) to treat disease.

The Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations then gave millions of dollars to these institutions and lobbied Congress to declare Allopathic or MD directed medicine as the official Religion of Health for the Country.

A Socialist wouldn’t enter a Church, walk up to a priest in a robe, and then bend down and knell before God.

But throw themselves on a table and bend over and spread their legs or butt checks for someone in a white coat to go poking around trying to find a problem MD directed medicine can’t fix? They are on it.

The Socialist may refrain to baptize their baby deeming it a useless ritual from an outdated notion to protect the child’s soul from the Devil.

But administer the sacrament of multiple vaccines which many leading medical professionals report are dangerous as evidence shows they can hurt and sometimes kill children? Hey, no problem.

You wouldn’t find a Socialist in a Confessional confessing what they did wrong, so they could then be absolved by penance given by a Priest.

But take a battery of diagnostics and then pop a daily petroleum product as prescribed which never absolves the problem as it only affects the symptom? Yeah, baby. That sounds good.


Pharmacy (Photo credit: Ced)

In Christianity, it’s Jesus who was Crucified on the Cross and died for the Sins of Humanity.

With MD directed medicine the patient is Crucified on the Green Cross for exploitation and profit.

During the Inquisition they would boil you in oil if you were found to be non-believer.

With Socialized medicine,  if you don’t pay your Indulgence to the Official Health Religion they will throw you in jail for tax evasion.

At least in Christianity, when you knell to pray, it is a prayer to God.

In MD directed medicine, when you jump up on the examining table you are preforming a ritual in reverence to Robber-barrons John D Rockefeller and Dale Carnegie.

How stupid is that?

The Flexner Report along with Socialized medicine is the New Testament 2.0 for The Western World’s National Health Religion.

The MD doctor’s office is the Confessional.

The hospital is the Church.

It’s been said Christianity, Islam and, Judaism are the 3 faces of Abraham.

To all those who adore Socialized medicine but thumb their nose at Religion; sorry your worship of Big Pharma is infinitely more nonsensical and ludicrous than any religion you could ever possibly despise.

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Socialism Is Catholicism – Same Cross Different Day

Cover of "You Suck: A Love Story"One day I had an epiphany. Paris is renowned for it’s ancient Christian Cathedrals. But what people never tell you is you can’t walk 2 blocks without tripping over a pharmacy and it’s neon green cross. I learned recently that the French are number one in the world when it comes to pill popping. Pas possible! And then, the clouds parted, the angels sung and it became crystal clear to me how Socialized Medicine  was used to completely domesticate the French and much of Europe after WWII the way Charlemagne used Christianity to conquer what was left after the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Same cross. Different Day.

Imagine it’s 774 AD and there is the 6’3″ German born, blonde hair, blue-eyed Charlemagne with Pope Hadrian sporting one of those goofy ‘I’m important’ hats by his side.

English: "Charlemagne and the Pope"....

English: “Charlemagne and the Pope”. The Frankish king Charlemagne was a devout Catholic who maintained a close relationship with the papacy throughout his life. In 772, when Pope Adrian I was threatened by invaders, the king rushed to Rome to provide assistance. Shown here, the pope asks Charlemagne for help at a meeting near Rome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charlemagne: “This is never going to work.”

Pope: “I’m telling you it works. Just take this Cross, wave it over your head and keep saying ‘You Suck!, You Suck!’ over and over again.”

Charlemagne: “Really?”

Pope: “Really, But here’s the kicker. You tell them, the Church now has baptisms for peasants and the ‘Confessional’ to figure out why they suck so hard. For a small fee we provide the solution on how to make them “Un-Suck” and then we use that money to expand the operation. I’m telling you it works.”

Charlemagne: “What if they don’t go along?”

Pope: “You don’t get it! You have to act like you are here to save them. And if they don’t accept your Salvation, throw them in jail or just kill them so you can save them from hurting others.”

Charlemagne: “Sounds bizarre but let me give it a try.”

Fast forward to Christmas 800 AD. Charlemagne has “Christianized” Europe at the point of a spear and Pope Leo III crowns him “Emperor of the Romans”. The Holy Roman Empire has just begun. Charlemagne later writes to Pope Leo,

“Our task [as secular ruler] is externally, with God’s help, to defend with our arms the holy Church of Christ against attacks by the heathen from any side and against devastation by the infidels.”

So today we have the same scenario. The Banksters are now the Pope. Barack Obama and the Socialist leaders of the world are Charlemagne.

The Socialists: “This is never going to work.”

Banksters: “I’m telling you it works. Just take this Green Pharmacy Cross, wave it over your head and keep saying ‘You Suck!, You Suck!’ over and over again: Global warming, Genetic predisposition to disease, Over-population! ‘You Suck!, You Suck!’ Keep ramming down their throats.”

The Socialists: “Really?”

Banksters: “Yes, really.  You tell them, for a small tax we got their back. We give them ‘free’ vaccines and use big expensive machines for diagnoses to evaluate the severity of their Suckness. We give them drugs to make them “Un-Suck”. But here’s the kicker; THE DRUGS MAKE THEM WORSE! We then use their tax money to expand the operation. I’m telling you it works.”

The Socialists: “What if they don’t go along?”

Banksters: “You don’t get it! You have to act like you are here to save them. And if they don’t accept your Salvation, throw them in jail for tax evasion or just kill them with a drone strike so you can save them from hurting others.”

The Socialists: “Sounds bizarre but let me give it a try.”

Fast forward to 2009 AD the newly elected Barack Obama receives a Noble Peace Prize. After which, he says in his acceptance speech:

“I believe that force can be justified on humanitarian grounds… Inaction tears at our conscience and can lead to more costly intervention later. That is why all responsible nations must embrace the role that militaries with a clear mandate can play to keep the peace.”

Blah ha hee hoo he do hoo hoo har har!!!….

breathe…. breathe…

WAAAaaaa ha hoo he ooooo ho!!!

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